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Welcome dragon seekers, this page contains information concerning some of
our missing inhabitants - DECTIVE , GEMINI and WILBER.

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 NAME - Dective

 VISUAL FEATURES - Orange hued scales, grows no longer than 30cm

 PERSONALITY - Very inquisitive, lively and intelligent. Likes to get into peoples pockets. Can be very helpful, but needs watching - could get into mischief.

 NAME - Gemini

 VISUAL FEATURES - Green scaled, twin headed. Can grow up to 10m

 PERSONALITY - Left head listens to peoples troubles and is very caring. Right head is impatient and selfish.

 NAME - Wilber

 VISUAL FEATURES - Can grow upto 4m in height, gold skinned. Inclined to be rotund, usually left footed.

 PERSONALITY - Very friendly, likes people. Does not like to be alone, can tend to follow people around.