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Chapter Two
Flight Fantastic
by June Vernau

Chapter One

“Dad! It’s come!”
Daniel raced into the kitchen waving an envelope in the air.
“Open it! Dad, open it now!”
“Wait a minute. Let me finish eating my breakfast first.”
Daniel’s dad buttered his last piece of toast.
“Anyway, how do you know it’s from Bognor Regis?”
“Look, there’s the Bognor Birdman Logo on it. Open it now!”
Daniel pushed the envelope into his dad’s hand.
“It might not be good news.”
“Just read it!”
“Well, here goes.”
Daniel’s dad opened the envelope and pulled out the letter.
“We are pleased to inform you that…”
“You’ve done it! You’re in the International Bognor Birdman Competition. You’d better finish making your wings. I’ll bring them down!”
Daniel raced out of the kitchen and up the stairs.
“Hey, be careful with those!” his dad shouted after him.
“They’re fragile.”
Daniel pushed open the door to the spare room. He could see the white-feathered wings on the bed. He lifted them high onto his shoulders. Now he was a great, white, sea bird standing on the edge of a steep cliff. Down below he could see the waves dashing against the rocks. A gentle breeze ruffled his feathers. He raised his wings to catch the wind. Now was the moment… “Daniel! I said be careful.” Daniel’s dreams of flying ended as his dad eased the wings from his shoulders.
“I was only trying them on,” Daniel complained, as the great white bird came to rest on the purple duvet.
“Anyway, you won’t be able to jump off Bognor Regis Pier and fly for over a hundred metres wearing those. You’re too heavy. You should let me fly. I’m lighter than you. I’ll fly further.”
“I’m afraid you’ve got to be over sixteen to take part.”
“That’s not fair!”
“Sorry, it’s all written here in the rules. If you don’t believe me read it for yourself.”
Daniel’s dad handed him the leaflet. Daniel began to read.
“‘Monetary prizes will be awarded to the competitor who, with his or her craft, flies the furthest distance.’ It doesn’t say anything about ages! It doesn’t even say you have to be human!”
Daniel’s dad laughed.
“I can assure you that the only aliens you see flying off Bognor Regis Pier will be humans in disguise. Hey, I’d better go phone your Grandad and tell him not to book the holiday in Majorca. It’s Bognor Regis here we come!”