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Flight Fantastic
by June Vernau

Chapter Sixteen

“Daniel, we need to talk.”
Dave touched his arm.
“This is getting serious.”
“No!” Daniel jumped back.
“We’ve got nothing to talk about. I’ve still got the bracelet. You can’t get back to Legendworld without it. If you take part in the contest I’ll…I’ll throw it into the sea!”

“And now our next competitor,” the voice of the announcer came over the loudspeaker.
“Do we have the last competitor in the Kingfisher class? Where is our winged dragon? Anyone seen the dragon?”

“Daniel,” Dave lowered his voice.
“Can we stop thinking about me for a moment?”
“If you take part you’ll win! It’s not fair on the other contestants. Somebody else has got to win!”
“Don’t worry, Daniel. Someone else will win.”
“So you’re not doing it, then?”
“Daniel, I keep telling you - it’s not me you should be worrying about. You seem to have forgotten that there’s another entrant in the contest.”
“There’s lots more people.”
“But none like Agent 39.”
“Yes, you must have seen him on the website.”
“Another agent! Why are Legendworld agents taking over the contest? Is he going to cheat as well? Is that what Legendworld agents do - cheat?”
“No. Daniel, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about Legendworld. I admit that I’m cheating - you caught me red-handed. But Senior Agents don’t do that.”
“If I tell Legendworld about your cheating you won’t stand a chance of winning the Challenge.”
“Daniel, I know that now.”
“Then give me the Flight Dust.”
“That won’t make any difference to the contest.”
“It will -you won’t win!”
“I won’t win but what about Agent 39? You may have me cornered but I’m afraid Agent 39 is out of your control.”
“Where is he then?” Daniel scanned the pier. “Tell me which one is Agent 39.”
“I would willingly tell you if I knew. But even I don’t know what shape he will take for the contest.”
“Daniel, agents can change shape. 39 could be flying one of the hang-gliders or he could be dressed as that stripy tiger over there. He could even change into a real tiger. Whatever he comes as he’ll win because he’ll have some kind of Flight Dust too.”
“Then how do we stop him?”