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Chapter Six
Flight Fantastic
by June Vernau

Chapter Five

But Daniel wasn’t listening. His eyes were glued to the top of the tall tower. There was something perched at the edge - something with bird-like, red wings. It leaned forward, spreading the wings to catch the breeze.
“Grandad! Grandad!”
Daniel swung round and shouted loudly.
“Someone’s jumping off the Tower! It looks just like Dave in his flying suit!”
Grandad hurried to the window.
“Who’s doing what?”
“The top of the tower! Look! Now! Over there!” Daniel shouted.
“Where? I can’t see anything on the top of the tower. There’s nothing at the top of the tower.”
Daniel stared at the empty space. There was nothing there. The red-suited flyer had disappeared.
“Grandad, he would have flown over these trees.” Daniel raced down the castle drive.
“Well, he won’t be there now,” said Grandad.
“Not unless he’s caught on the tops.”
“There’s no sign of a red suited flyer,” said Marilyn.
“He might have dropped something when he took off.” Daniel dived under the nearest bush.
“Daniel come out!” Grandad shouted.
“You’ll muddy your trousers.”
“I’ve found something!”
Daniel crawled out into the daylight.
“It’s a bracelet!”
“Let me see,” said Grandad.
“It’s like the one Dave was wearing,” said Daniel.
“Look at the numbers.”
“It does look like Dave’s,” said Marilyn.
“You’d better take it to the attendant at the castle door,” said Grandad.
“Someone must have dropped it. They’ll probably come back for it.”
“Maybe we should take it back with us,” said Daniel.
“No,” said Grandad.
“Just take it to the attendant.”
“Best thing to do,” Marilyn agreed.
“We’ll meet you back at the car,” said Grandad.
“Don’t be long.”