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Jurassic Countdown
by June Vernau

Chapter Five

“That was a good day out.” Jayne’s Mum pushed open the door to the guesthouse. “Dorchester has lots of history. I could spend longer there.”
“A Plesiosaur, a Pliosaur and a Megalosaurus!” Tom waved the plastic models in the air.
“Good job we stopped you from buying anymore at the Dinosaur Museum,” said Derek. “The guest house would have been invaded by dinosaurs.”
“Just the people I want to see.” Mrs. Baxter was in the hallway. “Jayne, my computer’s back. You are welcome to use it.”
“A computer. Can I…” Tom started.
“No, you can’t go on it. Mrs. Baxter will want to use it herself,” his Mum stopped him. “Jayne, I don’t think you really need to go on the computer.”
“I do, Mum, please. I need to look at a website on the Internet before Matthew gets here tomorrow.”
“She can use it,” said Mrs. Baxter.
“I won’t be long,” said Jayne. “I don’t need it for long.”
“Come on, it’s in the small lounge.” Mrs. Baxter led the way. Jayne could hear Tom’s moans down the hallway.

Jayne sat down at the computer table and typed in the web address: Within seconds a castle appeared on the screen and a pumpkin flashed in one of its windows. She’d found Legend World again.
She remembered the strange visitors from the fantasy website - the dragon, the troll. All memories of her Internet adventures came flooding back. She wondered if any more creatures had escaped from Legend World.
She clicked to open the door into Legend World and found the Latest News page. Her name was still there.

“Thank you, Jayne, for the return of the Dragon.”

She scrolled down the page. There was a new message.


A Time Layer Bracelet has been stolen from Legend World Stores. We believe this to be in the hands of a Time Pirate or Traveller. If you see any sign of the bracelet or notice that something from the past has arrived in your time period contact Legend World immediately.

Jayne stared at the image on the screen. It was a wide bronze wristband, studded with bright crystals set between rows of numbered keys - like the keys on a mobile phone.
She imagined herself slipping it onto her wrist and holding it under a bright light to watch the crystals sparkle. But she changed her mind when she read the words beneath the picture.

This bracelet is very dangerous when in the wrong hands. Time layers can be unzipped and creatures from the past and future can become part of your present time. Dinosaurs do not fit well into the twenty first century.

Dinosaurs in twenty the first century! Jayne stared at the screen. A long-necked sea creature in the bay, a giant dolphin in Portland harbour and the strange, hot Caribbean weather - something strange was happening in Dorset.