The Dragon in Cleethorpes
by Adele Maroney

One day in the chip shop was a little girl called Sara. And she said to the chip man. Can I have sausage and chip. The chipman said we have run out of sausages and chip so she said I will have fish then. So the chip man said all right then. Suddenly Sara fell on the floor and you know she had a dragon in her bag and the chip man looked in the pocket where the dragon was and the dragon hopped in the main part of the bag and he said alright then here you are. Then he gave her the bag and she set off home and at home her mum said I heard on the news that a little girl found a dragon and Sara was starting to get worried. Her mum said I hope it was not you and Sara said yes it was not me. Alright then but next time I am coming with you.