Dragon in Cleethorpes
by Iain Carpenter

I saw a green thing and skin like bark which passed as I walked to the fish and chip shop. In a hurry I ran after as it caused terror in Cleethorpes. With eyes fire and fire coming out of its mouth like a firework, the big blob wrecked pleasure island blowing up rides with its fire-breathing mouth. A herd of people and a jamming of cars were all scared of the thing. So was I but I chased after it to see where it was going. It went to the seafront near the pier. The people ran in horror while the thing hovered over the pier and swooped down the river Humber. It skimmed the waves with its body and dived in the water and didnt come up for ages until it bursted up from the river Humber. He started causing chaos again before it flew off into the dark misty clouds never to be seen again.