by Jamie O'flinn-bell

"WHAT WAS THAT!" I shrieked. A big shape flew right for the sea in Cleethorpes beach. "AHH!" screamed a crowd of people, "Can I borrow..." someone began but he stopped when he saw the sight of the dragon! I had to do something. After all, it did burst from my bag. I ran to the nearest phone box. "Beep, beep" went the phone seven times, finally someone answered. "Ello" said somebody. "Hello fisherman!" I replied. "Ello, what can I do fa ya?" he said. "I want you to bring five EXTRA BIG nets, we've got um... some cat fish to catch!". And I put the phone down. In approximately ten minutes he arrived with five super-sized nets. "What the?!" screamed the fisherman. "Aim the nets at the dragon!" I commanded. "You can't command, you're just a teenage girl!" said the fisherman. He fired the nets at the dragon. He got caught. The dragon seemed to be doing a siesmic toss! Then he threw the nets away. Then someone threw a bucket of water at it.