The Dragon in Cleethorpes
by Leanne Stephen

With a flutter of wings the dragon glided to a halt. People gathered round, not believing what they saw. Everything went quiet. The dragon took a deep breath and out came... nothing. He couldn't believe it. He was supposed to be tough and strong. The people began to laugh like hyenas. Terrified, the dragon soared into the air not knowing what to do.
While all this was happening, I was frantically searching for the dragon. It was me him so I felt responsible. What could I do to help?
Suddenly, looking up, I spotted the dragon. I called to him. He recognised my voice so he flew down. I knew I had to hide the dragon before any harm came to him. Weelsby Woods was a good place to hide him.
Each day I would take the dragon food and water. We became friends. When I was sure nobody was about we would play together and the dragon would take me for rides on his back, high in the sky.
But I knew that people were looking for the dragon. The story was in all the newspapers and on the television. It was a secret. Even my friends at school couldn't be told. I knew that the dragon wouldn't hurt anyone, he was a gentle giant, a big loveable green friend. But of course, everyone thought he was a monster. It would be impossible to keep him hidden forever.
Finally I knew I had to let my friend go. Perhaps there were other dragons somewhere. After all, I had found him hadn't I? If he flew away perhaps he could find them.
It was painful for me to say goodbye. I had to be strong.
The dragon took me for one last flight in the sky.
He was sad too but in another way excited. He wondered what was waiting for him out there. Would he meet someone as special as me? Would he meet some more dragons? He hoped so.
I cried when the dragon flew away for the last time. Will I ever see my friend again?