The Dragon in Cleethorpes
by Stefan

One hot summers day a boy called John was at school writing a story. The story was about a dragon in the Legend times and there was a knight who killed the dragon. When he finished his story it was dinner and he sat next to his friend Adam Smith. While he was having his dinner a magic pencil drew a dragon. After more trouble was caused the picture that the magic pencil drew came to life, but it started small though. The dragon went off the boiling hot window. Then it was home time. When John got home he was so tired that he slept for a week.
1st of April 2001
When John got up he looked outside of his window and it was not so clear. There was a huge wing. When he went to school he saw his work and when he saw his picture it was the same as the dragon on the beach. Then a helicopter came and dropped a bomb on the dragon and the dragon was never seen again.