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A Troll released in Grimsby
Tired and traumatised
Sunken eyes stare through trailing hair
At the new threatening world around him
The key to his freedom...
Lies in the power of the internet
And Grimsby Town football club
Troll Release
ISBN 0-9539197-1-4
The first chapter...


  "Jayne, stop playing with your food."
  "I’m not playing, mum."
  "Well where did the chip come from? And that.. oh, what’s happening, I’m being bombarded by chips!" Jayne’s mum clutched the table as a hail of French Fries arrowed towards her.
  "Quick mum!" called Jayne. "Get under the table, I don’t know where they’re coming from but there’s more heading this way!"
  Jayne’s mum clasped her hands to her head and fixed her elbows to the table, refusing to budge.
  "Mum, you’ve got to get out of the way!" Jayne shouted from under the table. "There’s a shower of milkshake heading this way now!"
  "Oh no!" Jayne’s mum screamed as the pink, frothy liquid trickled down the back of her neck.
  Jayne watched as the milkshake oozed to the floor to make pools at her feet. It was then she heard the vibrations, as if the earth was about to crack open. She pulled her arms tightly around her knees trying to make herself smaller so she couldn’t be seen. She could feel the table rocking, its legs juddering as the footsteps drew nearer.
  "Ah!" Her mum screamed again. The table began to topple. At once Jayne was visible to all, her shield protection hurtling to the floor before her. She could see her mum’s legs. Her feet were slipping and sliding in the sea of milkshake.
  "Get up! Now! Run!" Jayne felt her mum grabbing her sleeve and heaving her from the floor. "Run!"
  But Jayne’s foot held fast. A huge claw had gripped the lace of her trainer and a giant shape towered over her.
  Her mum tugged harder on her sleeve and Jayne felt herself being dragged across the chip-dredged floor of the restaurant. The claw was still anchored to Jayne’s lace. Mother, daughter and claw were interlocked.
  The creature’s foot slipped dangerously on the milkshake pond. It wavered, rocked and plunged to the floor, its great weight sending torrents of pink spray splashing across the walls of the restaurant.
  Jayne’s mum fell to her knees and freed the entangled claw from Jayne’s trainer. Then grasping her daughter’s hand she slid between tables, chairs and frightened screaming families, joining the pushing crowd wedged in the exit door.
  "Mum, you’re hurting my hand." screeched Jayne, trying to free herself from her mum’s hold. But her mum clung on firmly, guiding Jayne through the panicking sea of people.
  Outside on the pavement shoppers were darting in all directions, toddlers in arms, pushchairs left abandoned. Jayne’s mum didn’t delay; still clasping Jayne’s hand tightly she jolted her forward.
  "Come on, back to the car. We’re not staying in town a minute longer."
  "Mum, let me go will you?"
  "Not until I get you to the multi-storey."
  "But mum, you’re hurting my hand." As if deaf to all pleas, her mum raced on.
  At the pelican crossing cars were already halted as crowds of people surged forward. Green light, red light, flashing amber - no one observed the rules. Buses, cars piled into a convoy as the stream of frightened, milkshake splattered Grimsby shoppers surged towards safety.
  Jayne could hear the hooting of car horns as her mum levered her into the doorway of the multi-storey car park. At last she released her hand. Jayne squeezed and opened her fingers trying to ease the cramp.
  "Come on!" her mum shouted. There was no time for recovery as her mum pushed her up the steps, sidestepping people around them.
  Once in the car park she broke into a run, "Come on!" she called back to Jayne as she joined other shoppers racing towards parked cars.
  "Mum, wait!"
  "Get in, get in!" her mum was in the car leaning across the seat to open Jayne’s door. "Get in!"
  Puffed or not, there was no arguing as the door closed. She felt the car lurch backwards. Tyres screeched as her mum drove off and they were propelled forward before Jayne had time to fasten her seat belt. She held tightly to the dashboard as they accelerated towards the twisting spiral exit.
  Brakes flung on, Jayne felt herself being hurled back then forward as the car screeched to a halt. Her mother hammered on the steering wheel.
  "Oh no, we’re stuck!" Jayne could see the line of cars sandwiched in the spiral slipway.
  The noise of the car radio became more obvious - Lincs F.M. News.
  Mayhem in Grimsby Top Town this Saturday afternoon. Shoppers are now being evacuated from the area. Police are urging people to be patient and say that they are doing their best to divert traffic.
  "Oh good, we’re moving," said Jayne’s mum.
  The voice on the radio continued.
  It is hoped that the Troll will be contained within the vicinity of Freshney Place.
  Troll! Jayne’s fingers gripped the dashboard. The car began to move.
  "Right, we’re off now. Make sure your belt is on. I should have brought my mobile. Derek will be wondering where we are."
  Jayne stared out at the darkening streets as the car sped towards Cleethorpes.
  Troll .. a Troll in Grimsby.
  Was it all starting to happen again?