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Chapter Two
by June Vernau

Chapter One
Nothing can stop us

"It's a goal!" Jamie shouted, jumping from his seat. The crowd roared and cheered, "Come on you Reds!"
   The final whistle blew and the players began their lap of honour, saluting the fans with waves of victory.
   "Grandad, we've won! Did you see it? What a goal!"
   "Well, you certainly scored a goal right in my lap."
   "Sorry," Jamie pulled a tissue from his pocket and dabbed at the puddle of tomato soup on his Grandad's knee.
   "I'll do it. No harm done. At least it wasn't hot. Here I'll use this."
   "But you'll spoil your Nottingham Forest hat," said Jamie.
   "It's red anyway. There, that's it". Jamie's Grandad shook the hat and pushed the cup into his bag.
   "Grandad, can we come next week?"
   "I think there's no choice in the matter. We've got to come next week. We'll be playing for promotion."
   "And we're going to the top!" shouted a young supporter from the seat below.
   "Are we going to the top, Grandad?" asked
   Jamie. "Will we be in the Premiere League?"
   "I think we can do it. With a team like this, nothing can stop us. It'll be like waving a magic wand. All they need to do is walk out on that pitch next week and we'll cheer them to victory."
   "Victory, victory!" Jamie chanted.
   "That's on Thursday. Come on, we need to buy our tickets for the game now. Let's get going. I want to get a good seat. And I'd better buy you some Velcro so I can stick you down. I don't want another lapful of tomato soup."
"How did it go?" Jamie's Dad was at the door to the house.
   "Like a dream," said Grandad. "Like a dream."
   "We won two nil!" shouted Jamie. "Danny scored both goals! The opposition didn't stand a chance. He was like a whirlwind. Nobody could stop him!"
   "He's enjoyed it." Jamie's Grandad ruffled his hair. "A good match. Danny Lacey, the new striker, did very well. He's been a good signing. He'll be a key player in Thursday night's match."
   "Can I go on Thursday, Dad?" Jamie pleaded.
   "Two matches in one week? That's a bit expensive."
   "I'll treat him," said Jamie's Grandad, as he climbed back into his car. "Say it's an early birthday present. He can't go missing the most important match of the season. I'll pick you up on Thursday, Jamie, and don't bring tomato soup!"
   Jamie laughed and waved as the car drew away from the kerb. He watched it disappear into the distance, the Nottingham Forest scarf flying from the window.