Chapter Two

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Chapter Seven
by June Vernau

Chapter Five
Through time and space

"Are you coming down for tea?" Jamie's Dad called from the bottom of the stairs.
   "In a minute. I'm just finishing something," Jamie called back.
   "Well, don't be long. This food will be ready in five minutes."
   Jamie laid the magazine face down on the scanner bed. Then closed the lid and started the scan. The machine whirred.
   The image of Danny slowly appeared on the computer screen. Jamie checked it out. It looked good. In fact it was one of his best photos of Danny heading the ball into the net. He saved the picture and prepared to send it as an attachment. He'd written down the email address:
   He pressed send. Done. Jamie sat back in the chair. Tim would be surprised when he saw Danny on the Legendworld website in the morning. But Jamie couldn't be sure that Legendworld had received the picture. He decided not to tell anyone until he was sure the email had arrived at its destination. He would check after tea.
   "You've been a long time up there." Jamie's Dad turned from the grill as Jamie walked into the kitchen. "Have you been glued to that computer again?"
   "I was just emailing something. What's for tea?"
   "I hope they're not herby sausages."
   "No, I've bought these special tasteless sausages just for you." His Dad pulled the grill pan out. "This isn't my choice."
   "They look good," said Jamie.
   "Well, I hope they taste good to you. I'll be having a lot of sauce on mine." His Dad tipped sausages onto Jamie's plate.
   "What's happening at school, then?"
   "Oh, nothing. Same as usual," said Jamie.
   "Your days must be boring if nothing happens." His Dad sat down at the table with his food.
   "My football magazine didn't come today," said Jamie, slicing through a sausage.
   "That's all that's on your mind, football."
   "Can you phone up and ask why they didn't deliver it?"
   "A please might help."
   "I'll try tomorrow lunch time."
   "Maybe they delivered it next door," said Jamie.
   "I think someone would have brought it round."
   "They'll be reading it, first," said Jamie.
   His Dad laughed. "You're becoming very suspicious of people in your old age."
   "Well, I bet Robert will read it."
   "You don't even know that they've got the magazine next door. If you're so convinced why don't you go round and ask for it?"
   "I've got to do something first." Jamie pushed back his plate and got up from the table.
   "And where are you going so quickly? Don't you want any pudding?"
   "No thanks, I'm full," said Jamie.
   "If you're going back to that computer you'd better not forget I want you to help with the washing up tonight."
   "I will," said Jamie. "I just want to check something out." He opened the door into the hall and ran upstairs.
   At the computer Jamie looked at his recent email messages. Yes, there was one from Legendworld. They must have received the photo and were thanking him. He brought up the message on the screen.
   'Legendworld would like to thank you for Danny Lacey from Nottingham Forest Football Club.'
   He'd done it! He wouldn't tell anyone until he checked out the website in the morning. There'd probably be a picture of Danny on the Legendworld notice board. That would surprise everyone at school.