The Leisure Centre

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The Council Building
Sorrento's adventure -

by June Vernau

Cleethorpes Discovery Centre
Sorrento spent the night on the roof of the Discovery Centre...

A single dog walker circled the boating lake. A cyclist wobbled his way around the lake edge, calling out to a friend gasping behind him. Small voles tunnelled in the grass. Moths lay dormant camouflaged against trees.
Within the shrubbery a green scaled tail twitched. A clawed foot edged towards the pathway and a thin line of smoke threaded through the evening air. Leaves parted and branches scrunched. Two fiery nostrils emerged from the darkness.
At once the dragon was airborne, flapping its great creped wings, beating, soaring into the night sky. Higher and higher until the weight of its great body sent it gliding towards the tree tops' silhouettes.
The weak branches staggered and cracked under the dragon's bulk. Grasping, clasping and clawing, in a vain attempt to right itself, the creature plummeted to the ground below sending shock waves through the sleeping earth.
Dragging its wings across the pathway it lay dazed for a brief moment then once again launched into the air. Two wing beats, legs propelled then stiffened, perfectly balanced, it landed on the roof of the Discovery Centre.
Softly draping its wings across the roof's expanse, it rested its weary head on the tiled edge. The hooded eyes closed and a gentle peace drifted over the lakeside.