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Pleasure Island
Sorrento's adventure -

by June Vernau

The Cleethorpes Council Building
Sorrento alighted to the roof of the Council buildings...

Two cars flung on their brakes and screeched loudly, narrowly avoiding a collision in the car park. Squeamish drivers clung to steering wheels, cocooned in their cars and watching from beneath their sunshades.
"What the? Come here , luv!"
A mother escorting a small child to school hurried him quickly into a doorway down Seaview Street.
More early morning workers appeared, then disappeared, hiding in doorways and behind parked cars.
The dragon scratched his neck with his claws. The roof was in danger of collapsing, as its scratching grew thunderous.
A piercing, but comforting, sound filled the ears of the cowering onlookers. The police sirens wail echoed down the seafront. Within seconds three police cars pulled to a halt opposite the council offices and three brave policemen crept out into the sunlight.
"What is it?"
"Looks like a dragon to me."
"Officer Grant pulled out his mobile."
"Grant to base, one big problem here, could be a fairytale come true."