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Chapter Five
Flight Fantastic
by June Vernau

Chapter Four

“Well, I enjoyed the little museum. Now for the big castle,” said Grandad, as he and Daniel walked up the steps to the guesthouse door.
“I wonder if Dave and Marilyn want to come along.”
“Dave’s still sorting out his wings,” said Daniel.
“He’s over there in the car park. Can I go and see his suit?”
Daniel began to edge back down the steps.
“All right. But you can’t stay for long. We need to get going to Arundel.”
Daniel raced down the steps and ran across the car park.
Dave looked up as Daniel ran towards him.
“Hi, there! You’ve come at a good time. I’m about to attach the wings. I could do with a hand.”
Daniel stared at Dave’s clinging, red suit. It was so tight that he must have been poured into it. He watched Dave unzip the large holdall. Like magic, the red wings sprung from the bag and billowed in the breeze.
“Hold them down!” Dave shouted.
“They could fly off, even in the slightest wind.”
Daniel tugged hard on the wings, pulling them back down to the ground.
“Well done,” said Dave, clinging to the red fabric.
“Hang on there. I’m going to let go and turn round so you can fix the wings onto my shoulders.”
Daniel clung on tightly as Dave swirled round.
“I’ve got them!” Dave shouted, tugging the wings towards him and wrapping them round his body like a huge red cape.
“Now look for the fixture points on my shoulders.”
“Daniel, are you coming?” it was Grandad calling from the guesthouse door.
“Just a minute. I’m helping Dave with his wings!”
“Don’t be long,” said Grandad.
“I’ve got Marilyn waiting in the car. She’s coming with us to Arundel Castle.”
“I won’t be long!”
Daniel finished fixing the wings to Dave’s shoulders.
“You’ve done a good job,” said Dave.
“Now, stand well back when I let go.”
Dave released his hold and Daniel stared in wonder as the huge, red wings lifted in the breeze to billow high above Dave’s head - turning him into a giant, red birdman.
“Daniel, are you ready?” there was another call from Grandad.
“I think I’d better go now, Dave.”
Daniel took a last look at the giant wings.
“You’ve been a great help. Don’t go yet. I want to give you something.”
Dave crouched down and pulled something from the holdall pocket.
“There, you can keep that as a memento - something to remind you of the winning flight.”