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Chapter Nine
Flight Fantastic
by June Vernau

Chapter Seven

“Legendworld - a world of Fairytale and Fantasy.”
Daniel read the words on the screen.
“Click on the door to enter.”
He clicked on the door and a new page opened. There were choices to make. Did he want to read the Legendworld books? Maybe Latest News would be the place to start. There might be news of a missing bracelet. He clicked on the icon and scrolled down the new page that opened on the screen. There was no mention of a bracelet. Daniel scrolled down further.

Two of our Junior Agents - 29 and 39 - have been chosen to take part in the Final Challenge. Whoever wins will become a Legendworld Senior Agent.
Each one must enter a Flight Competition and aim to win first prize. The competition can take place in any Time Layer but the only equipment the Agents can use to help them is the Legendworld Time Bracelet.
View Time Bracelet below -

Daniel stared in amazement at the picture on the screen. It was the bracelet - the one he’d found at Arundel Castle and just like the one that Dave dropped on the floor.
“Dave!” there was a sudden shout from downstairs.
It was Marilyn’s voice.
“Why are you wearing your suit? Where have you been?”
Dave was back! Daniel jumped up from the chair and raced out of the bedroom. Now he could see everything.
“You’ll have to fold in those wings.”
Marilyn was trying to push open the front door and get back into the guesthouse. But there was no way anyone could get in or out. Dave’s bright red wings filled the whole hallway.