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Chapter Sixteen
Flight Fantastic
by June Vernau

Chapter Nine

Grandad looked out of the hall window.
“The sun’s still shining. Anyone want to join me for a walk along the beach before supper?”
“Good idea,” said Daniel’s dad.
“I’ll be with you in a few minutes. How about you, Dave?”
“Just need to sort a few things out. I thought I’d take a shower. See you all later.”
Dave bounded up the stairs.
“What about you, Daniel?” his Grandad put his arm round his shoulder.
“Are you up for a stroll along the beach?”
“I think I’ll stay here.”
“What? Look at TV? Come on, it’s lovely and sunny out there.”
“I don’t feel too well. I think I’ll have a lie down on my bed.”
“You’ll be here on your own,” said Grandad.
“I’m not going far,” said Marilyn.
“Just out for a postcard and Dave’s having a shower. We can keep an eye on Daniel. He’ll be fine. You two go off for a walk.”
“Well, you take a rest then, Daniel.” His dad felt his forehead. “You’re not running a temperature, but we want you fit and well for the contest.”
“That’s right,” said Grandad.
“Can’t have you missing your dad’s jump.”
“I might feel better later,”
Daniel started to climb the stairs.
“I’ll see you when you get back.”
“Okay. See you later.” His dad waved from the hall.
“Bye, Daniel,” Grandad called from the door.
“I won’t be long,” Marilyn joined in the shouts.
The front door closed. Daniel raced up the steps. Dave would be in the shower. He didn’t have much time. He would have to work fast. He peered into Dave’s bedroom. There was a sound of singing coming from the shower. Dave’s clothes were heaped on the bed.
Daniel tiptoed over to the pile and reached into Dave’s trouser pocket. There was definitely something there. He pulled out a small, metal box. Where was the bracelet? He pushed his hand inside the pocket again. Yes, it was there! This time Daniel pulled out the bronze bracelet - now to try the test. He turned the bracelet over and read the words and numbers on the back - LEGENDWORLD 29. This had to be the bracelet he’d found near the tower at Arundel Castle!
The singing suddenly stopped. There was no noise of jetting water. Daniel pushed the bracelet into his pocket. The shower cubicle began to open. A hand reached out for the towel. Something made Daniel grab for the metal box before he ran for the door. Once he was in his own bedroom, Daniel closed the door firmly behind him and took a deep breath. He sat down on the edge of the bed and stared at the metal box. It was shaped like a cylinder - like a tiny tin of beans. He tried to pull off the lid but it wouldn’t budge. He turned it over in his hand. There were words written round the sides - Legend World Flight Dust.
Flight Dust! Daniel pulled harder on the lid. It was moving! Yes. Finally it was off. “Erh!” a fine white powder lifted into the air. Daniel stifled a sneeze and pushed the lid back on. The dust fell slowly, drifting over the lamp on the bedside table.
What was it? The question was about to be answered as the lamp slowly lifted into the air and hovered above the table. Daniel watched, mesmerised - a flying lamp! So this was the special power of the Flight Dust. He reached out and touched the lamp. It tipped to one side. But still it hovered. He grabbed it and set it down on the table. But once he released it the lamp glided back up again. He pushed it down but still it tried to fly.
This was no good. He couldn’t leave the lamp flying round the room. Daniel grabbed it in both hands and began to blow off the dust. No! If it fell on the bed or the chest of drawers the whole room would be filled with floating furniture!
What then? He couldn’t carry the lamp round with him. He looked round the room for a safe hiding place. Of course, the bed! He could push it under the bed.
Daniel held the lamp fast and got down on his knees. Yes, there was a gap under the bed. He pushed the lamp under and wedged it safe.
Flight Dust! Time Bracelets! Daniel’s head began to whirl. Was Dave a Legendworld Agent?
That was too incredible. But he had the Flight Dust. Daniel reached out for the metal box again. This was powerful stuff. If someone in the Birdman competition sprinkled the dust on his wings he’d fly forever. Dave! He was planning to cheat!
But he wouldn’t be able to do it now. No, there was no way Dave could win now! Daniel pushed the Flight Dust deep into his pocket. Dave was going to have to take part fairly like everyone else.
Daniel would stay on guard all night if he needed to.