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Sorrento's adventure -

by June Vernau

Pleasure Island - Cleethorpes
Sorrento was imprisoned at Pleasure Island...

The huge shape of the Boomerang shadowed over her. She remembered the great rides she'd had with her mum and dad. It was her mum's favourite ride. Her mum had been frightened to go on at first but her dad had laughed and held her hand.
Her thoughts ended abruptly as she found something blocking her path: a small repair vehicle. She tried to edge around it. The cold water in the puddles soaked into her socks, through her trainers.
Oh, she hated this, the squelch, squelching. But she couldn't delay. Matthew couldn't keep the girl talking forever. A few more yards and she was there.
It was asleep. Its heavy head resting on its forelegs and the hooded eyes closed. She leant against the meshed wire. Its iridescent green wings glistened with the raindrops. The long scaled tail was tucked away from sight.
A soft murmuring noise - dragon breath. She longed to linger there. Touch its skin. Wait for its eyes to open.
Dragon eyes, what colour would they be? But there was no time, she needed to move fast. She raised the camera to her eyes and focused for the shot...'click.' But best to take two more, just in case. She leant further towards the fence, shooting through the gaps in the wire mesh. The ground was slippery and she felt herself sliding forwards. She clung on to the fence. The noise of her movement jolted the dragon from his sleep.
He lifted his great head, nostrils flared, ears erect. Its two yellow eyes focused on Jayne. She clung to the fence. The eyes, she must photograph the eyes. And clutching the fence with one hand she manoeuvred the camera and took the shot.
The sudden burst of the light from the camera sent the dragon reeling backwards. It reared itself up on its haunches. Its jaws opened and a torrent of flames scorched the wires.